Waste Less Levi’s

by Rachel Baker on February 5, 2015

I was on one of my favorite sites today, Mother Earth Living, and ran across an old article about a limited edition collection from Levi’s. Maybe you heard about it – Ekocycle x Levi’s 501 Wastethe Levi’s site, sadly, the video, nor the collection is available. However, there are still images that talk about the line and the production of the collection.

I bring it up though because it got me thinking about upcycling. 8 PET plastic bottles and black food trays were cleaned, sorted, crushed and made into a polyester fiber, which was then blended with cotton and woven into the denim for the collect of jeans and Trucker jackets. 8 bottles = 1 pair of jeans.

Very cool! I don’t know whether the collection was successful or not. It seems like it may not have been a cost-effective endeavor, but I don’t know and that’s pure speculation. I love when companies think outside of the box and though I haven’t bought a pair of levi’s in a few decades, I may just have to acquire a pair of 501s to support the company for at least trying to reduce plastic waste.

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