Creating Large Paintings Full of Text

by Rachel Baker on January 2, 2014

Recently, I stayed somewhere that had some incredible wall art with mixtures of colors, graphics and text. All of it was amazing, and as total eye candy as eye candy can be. Below is an great tutorial for how to create some of your own wall eye candy using a favorite poem. Even if you don’t have a favorite poem, you can use the same techniques to create some awesome unique wall art that will forever be great conversation pieces!

We selected out favorite E.E. Cummings poem and I used raw and unstretched canvas that I first primed with white house paint (I often use this in place of gesso). I let it dry and then went to town writing out the poem- and believe or not I used black shoe polish to write with- one of my favorite supplies when working and writing on canvas to get nice lettering.

Read more about how to make this large wall hanging here:

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