Natural Rose, Lavender, & Oatmeal Bath Bombs

by Rachel Baker on July 8, 2014

…because really, who doesn’t love a smell-good bath product?!

This is a great tutorial for making bath bombs, and there’s a video!

Natural bath bombs are relatively easy to make since they require only a few main ingredients and very little in the way of equipment. Making a small batch should take you well under half an hour so it’s also a great project for those with little time. I’ve made these on my own as a rainy day project but I can imagine it would be really fun to make them together with friends or the younger ladies in your family.

The essential oils used in this recipe are gorgeously floral and work well with the dried lavender and rose petals I’ve chosen for decoration. Not only are there flower petals on top but there’s a secret cache of flowers that are released when the bomb is placed in your bath!

Another thing that makes this recipe different is that I’ve included quick oats in the base recipe. Oatmeal turns your bath water milky and silky and is wonderful for soothing dry and irritated skin.

How to make Natural Rose, Lavender, & Oatmeal Bath Bombs

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