Three ways to hem around a corner

by Rachel Baker on February 8, 2014

The McCall Pattern Company has a section called professor pin cushion. This is a fantastic area to learn some of the finer points (and even the basics) of sewing. Below is the video tutorial for heming around a corner.

When it comes to hemming, it’s easy to think that the most challenging hem would be curvey areas, but corners can be tricky too. You would mainly hem corners when it comes to a lot of home decorating projects like tablecloths and napkins but they can pop up other places as well. To get the nicest looking hemmed corners, you actually have a few options. It really depends on if you want a mitered or un-mitered corner. In this tutorial, we demonstrate three different techniques that will give you professional looking corners. You can use the technique that feels right for you and gives you the look that you prefer.

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