Silhouettes Printed on Old Book Pages

by Rachel Baker on June 25, 2014

I love this idea and one day when I have more wall space will most definitely do this. With the software available today, I probably wouldn’t need to cut out page from a book, but instead just design a page to look like one.

As I was drooling, I realized that we could make these in like, five seconds!

If you don’t already have an old book to use, check out a yard sale or thrift store for a large dictionary or something like that. I happen to have this old book that I–brace yourselves antique lovers–tore a couple of pages out of. (It’s my book, I can do that.) :o)

Use the pages in your printer like any old sheet of paper and print some silhouettes that catch your eye.

I chose some nautical pictures to go in my bathroom, my current work in process.

Here’s the Article:
Book Art

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