Eric Garner Would Be Alive If He Was Not Obese, Says Rep. Peter King

by Rachel Baker on December 5, 2014

Here’s a story: Heard in my local Arby’s by two police officers in uniform, one with a SWAT hat on his head: “I don’t care, there’s no way I’m trying hard to save someone’s life if I think they are a criminal. I’m not injecting them with anything and I’m not going to care too much about what happens.” The other police officer nodded his head in agreement and they continued to talk about their lack of concern for people who may or may not have actually committed a crime.

I don’t live in St. Louis or New York or any other major city we always hear about. I live in a town of 50K people with a large diverse community – and the cops here feel like ‘screw it, let em die’. That’s the actual problem, not Eric Garner’s weight.

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