Finally! Big Boobs Might Just be Beautiful Enough for Vogue

by Rachel Baker on December 17, 2014

I love this so much, I really am considering going out today and buying a copy of the new issue of Vogue. And if I see them continue this exploration of an average body (and one that is healthier than working at staying less than a size 4), maybe I’ll even buy a subscription…to reward the magazine for realizing that not all women grow up to be in the lower sizes, and not all women who wear plus size clothes should be considered plus sized.

If this is a new revolution on embracing the Marilyn Monroe measurements because they are more natural to what our feminine bodies are supposed to be due to the changes in our hormonal chemistry, then I’m all for it! As someone who wears more than a size 10 and has a very large bust, I can say with confidence that all my medical numbers are well within healthy standards and are even in some cases incredibly low. So, while by the standards of today’s society, I may be considered obese because of my bmi, I am by all accounts healthier than a lot of people. Further, while I could stand to lose some weight (and I am slowly, gradually, and healthfully), I am no longer a size 6, 8, or 10; and therefore, am completely happy to see that fashion magazines might actually start talking to me again.

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Fresh off its discovery of the butt, Vogue has realized the glory of big boobs. Today, Vogue published an online lingerie editorial featuring cup sizes not commonly found in its print edition. “My kind of #supermodels,” photographer Cass Bird wrote on Instagram. Bird’s shoot features members of ALDA, a body-positive coalition formed last year by models who were left stranded when Ford modeling agency closed its plus-size division — and were quickly snapped up by rival IMG.

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