Florida poised to let hunters use silencers

by Rachel Baker on November 17, 2014

While I think lifting the ban on silencers/suppressors for hunters in a “stand your ground” state is an incredibly bad idea, my thoughts on the issue probably don’t matter. However, the reason why I’m bringing up this article is because of something completely different than legislation of the issue.

Look at the people being interviewed for lifting the ban and those who are opposed to lifting the ban…. They are all WOMEN:

* Patricia Brigham, who heads the gun-safety committee for the League of Women Voters in Florida – Advocate AGAINST
* Katherine McGill, a gun owner and a founding member of the National Urban Wildlife Coalition – Advocate STAYS NEUTRAL on the issue
* Diane Eggeman, director of FWC’s division of hunting and game management – Advocate FOR
* NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer – Advocate FOR

There is, of course, the President of the American Suppressor Association (advocating for) and a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (advocating against) who are both men, and neither actually live in the state. It should not be surprising that both of these groups are lobbyists in Washington, DC. While its evident what side they are on, they aren’t being interviewed as anything more than for or against silencers, as a whole, the state doesn’t matter at all.

In the article referenced above, there are two women, Brigham and Eggeman – one for and one against – who actually reside in Florida. I can’t tell where McGill is from; but either way, regardless of where she’s from, she says nothing of substance and in fact, stays neutral, though in some places sounds very close to supporting silencers on guns and wishes they could be put on firecrackers as well. And last, there’s the NRA lobbyist who is a woman.

Tally: One AGAINST lifting the ban, Two FOR lifting the Ban, One NEUTRAL about whether or not to lift the ban.

POINT OF INTEREST: The voices of the gun safety debate are now women. It used to be that women had no voice in the matter, because the NRA was too powerful. But then Newtown happened and Trayvon Martin happened, and Fergusen happened, and all the other horrific firearm tragedies happened, and women/mothers started to be heard…and as a result, the NRA is now using female lobbyists to fight the battles.

I think this is significant and I think this is something that should be followed.

Note of humor: It appears the talking point on how loud a gun still is even with a silencer has to do with jackhammers and live rock music – Eggeman (a state employee) and Commissioner Brian Yablonski (Vice Chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and External Affairs Director at Gulf Power Company) both use the inference about the loudness – though Eggeman even goes so far as to say a gun with a silencer is louder than a garbage disposal…who do you think this comment is directed towards?

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