Forever and Ever and Happily Ever After: A Tribute

by Rachel Baker on February 14, 2015

This morning, while laying in bed reading through my morning stuff, the TV was on. In the background of my morning reading routine was FYI’s Marry Me…Today. The poor man knew nothing about the woman he wanted to marry; and the woman, sadly, didn’t give him too much credit for knowing her very well. I almost couldn’t stand how sad it was watching the man stand in front of her closet not knowing a thing about her style.

I ran out of the room, and told my honey how very much I loved him and that I knew if he was going to plan a wedding in a week…he’d know EXACTLY what I would want.

And that’s the thing I want to write about today. Love is scary and as intimidating as getting pulled over by a cop when you know you’ve been speeding more than 10 miles over the speed limit…and probably had one too many glasses of wine…and you have a tail light out.

But…Love is also as beautiful as a sunrise on the east coast with a plethera of clouds in the sky from a night time rain, causing the sun’s rays to bounce the color around the sky in a pallet unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

And…the love I have is that way. Every single morning, we start out with 10 minutes of snuggling and love affirmations to each other. He wakes up before me and when I wake up, I yell “Good Morning, Honey…I Love You”, he comes running and we spend the next minutes just infusing each other with love. That’s the beginning of every single day. We spend the rest of our day, doing things individually and together, but throughout, there is always a few moments of love affirmations. In the evening, we talk…about nothing and everything equally; and typically, we are sitting on the couch together feeling the closeness of us.

The honesty of our love is one of the best things we have going for us. He is my best friend; and I am his. We know each other inside and out; and truth be told, we recognize that often times any irritation stems from our past, not actually the present. This makes it so much easier to work through challenges we may have.

This wonderful man and I have grown together for ten years. We have helped each other get through some pretty rotten stuff; and through it all, our love has grown authentic and strong. We appreciate where the other has been and embrace where the other is headed. Without the experiences of yesterday, each of us would be a different person. We look forward to sharing the journey of middle age and old together, knowing that the other will be there through the scary parts.

Every single day of my life is Valentine’s Day; and I am completely secure in the knowledge that every single day for the rest of my life will be Valentine’s Day. He is “My Forever Endeavor” (read: forever and ever) and I am his “Happily Ever After Girl.”

…and for that, I’m thankful.

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