How do magic erasers get rid of stains?

by Rachel Baker on December 1, 2014

So, lately, we have been having some conversations around the house about the effectiveness of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. This article is really for easy access, but there is some really good information in the article if you are interested.

And, if you happen to use it for a science fair project or something, you may want to make sure you click on the citation and date button at the bottom of the article next to print, so you can see how to cite the article for your research. 🙂

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How do magic erasers get rid of stains?

Now on the market for a couple of years, eraser-like products that get rid of stains you thought you were stuck with for good have become a common household item. For example, Mr. Clean sells a line called Magic Erasers and Scotch-Brite offers a product called the Easy Erasing Pad.

The secret behind these types of erasers is a material commonly called melamine foam. With just a little water, melamine foam can dig in and destroy stains that other products can’t touch. Kids go crazy with the crayons? Co-workers leave a trail of scuffmarks wherever they walk? Erasers made with melamine foam might be just what you need.

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