How Male Possessiveness Kills Women

by Rachel Baker on August 17, 2015

VICE did an interview with a husband and wife team who studied why men kill women. The information is based on data from Great Britain, but its an interesting interview. Reading articles/interviews like this are important in understanding social problems that we have yet to figure out.

Many factors are involved in solving the problems of violence and until all of them get addressed and help is accessible to all, we will continue to wonder why people kill each other and be surprised to learn it was due to mental health issues that stemmed from when they were kids.

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How Male Possessiveness Kills Women

A husband and wife team of professors wanted answers, and have devoted a large part of their lives to finding them. Professors Rebecca and Russell Dobash, criminologists at The University of Manchester, spent ten years interviewing murderers serving life sentences in British prisons and conducted the biggest ever study of men who kill women.

Their research uncovered several unnerving societal issues. Most importantly, they found that many women are murdered by jealous, possessive, and controlling men. The ideas of entitlement bound up in masculinity are, in some cases, deadly.

I spoke to Professor Russell Dobash about his and his wife’s book on their decade-long study of these types of killings, When Men Murder Women.

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