Mom Forced Bed-Wetting Son To Wear Dress

by Rachel Baker on December 22, 2014

…here are my questions, why is it okay to humiliate a boy by making him dress as a girl and why is it okay to degrade girls by using their dress as humiliating punishment for boys?

Maybe the young man is wetting his bed because there some challenges with the living situation causing him some serious stress.

I think the mom and the kids need some serious counseling. Unfortunately, mom is probably going to jail, and will not get the counseling she needs. I’m not quite ready to say thankfully they have a grandmother who can help the kids, because we don’t know where the kids’ mom got her ideas of what’s right and wrong, but at least grandma got the kids’ out of a bad situation.

I really hope the system doesn’t fail this young man.

Read more: Florida mom forced bed-wetting son to wear dress: cops

Christle Prado and her live-in landlord, Keith Driscoll, dressed the boy, 10, in a blue princess gown and posted the humiliating pictures on Facebook, relatives say. The mother and roommate face felony child abuse charges

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