Smith College to Accept Transgender Women

by Rachel Baker on May 5, 2015

Congratulations to Smith College for understanding that female idendity has evolved!

I think this is wonderful news for all women, particularly those that are getting their educations from a college that has just made such a progressive change in their policies. This policy change allows for an integration of ideas and experiences that the Smith College women wouldn’t otherwise get.

I can’t help but be excited about the impact this will make in our social views of the future.

Smith College to Accept Transgender Women

Smith College, the largest of the all-female Seven Sisters schools, is changing its policy to accept transgender women.

The new policy, which takes effect for those applying this fall, followed a year of study. The women’s college had previously asked undergraduates to have consistently identified as female since birth.

Smith President Kathleen McCartney and board Chair Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard said in announcing the change on Saturday since Smith’s founding, “concepts of female identity have evolved.”

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