These Comics Absolutely Nail Why We Still Need Feminism

by Rachel Baker on July 7, 2015

This is a cool article that highlights the art of Rebecca Cohen who is a cartoonist who focuses on feminism. While there is obviously some humor, there is also seriousness to her work that is hard to miss.

These Comics Absolutely Nail Why We Still Need Feminism:

Cartoons and humor make a good pair. Add a side of feminism and you get Rebecca Cohen’s spot-on illustrations.

The cartoonist, who lives in Berkeley, Calif., spreads a feminist message on her Tumblr with illustrations that are both comedic and relatable.

Cohen explained that her blend of cartoons, comedy and feminism grabs people’s attention and helps break down the stereotypes she’s encountered.

“Feminists get a bad rap as having no sense of humor, and I want to counter that image,” she said in an email to The Huffington Post.

Cohen is also the mind behind Gyno-Star, a female superhero she invented in high school who fights “the forces of evil and male chauvinism.”

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