Your Daughter Can Be Anything She Wants to Be, Including Spider-Man

by Rachel Baker on June 8, 2015

You go, little Miss Margaret Ryan and all the other kids who participated in this gender-free superhero march. And, great job to all the parents for teaching your children they can be anything they want to be and accepting that maybe Jimmy wants to be Wonder woman (cause really, who doesn’t), and Margaret wants to be Spiderman. Please remember this great day as they get older and the desires of your children may become a bit harder to swallow.

This is the BEST article of the day!

Yes, Your Daughter Can Be Spider-Man: The Gender-Free, Very Cute Uptown Superheroes :

When Margaret Ryan’s four-year-old daughter, Ellie Evangelista, was told by the boys at school she couldn’t be Spider-Man, the idea for the most adorable, progressive march was born.

Gotham City had nothing on Bennett Park in Washington Heights on Sunday morning. A blonde-haired toddler with purple earrings toggled by in full-on Spider-Man regalia, with artificial, rippling muscles included in the costume.

She was accompanied by several other Spider-Men, many of whom, like her, were not the same sex as the beloved super hero—and that was exactly the point of the Uptown Superheroes March.

Hundreds of parents hell-bent on combatting gender stereotypes strapped their little Super(wo)men into snugglies, ushered their Spider(wo)men onto training-wheel bikes, and rubbed sunscreen on their X-(wo)men’s faces.

“It’s a super hero parade, not a super man parade,” a father told his young son, as they walked past the jungle gym to the crowd of families holding signs declaring “Boys Can Be Wonder Woman, Girls Can Be Spider-Man,” and “Love Is My Super Power.”

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