This particular story caught my eye because of the civil disorder that is happening in Denver right now amongst high schoolers. These kids are protesting a possible change to their curriculum that is “whitewashing” United States history to discourage “civil disorder, social strife, or disregard for the law”. And the Chairman of the School Board doesn’t believe the kids have come up with the idea to stage a student walkout on their own. He believes the kids are misguided and misinformed.

The kids appear to be completely informed right down to how long this has been building to a boiling point. They are so informed that they realize the influence that conservative right-wing political advocacy group American’s for Prosperity has had on their local school board elections last November.

What bothers me most about the idea that school boards can decide to change curriculum about U.S. history is that if a segment of some other country was doing this, and there was an uproar by students about it, people in our country would scream and yell about how their rights were being stomped all over. And then, if this problem was found to be widespread in said country the war mongers in this country would talk about how people were being oppressed and we should go in to save these people from their governments. And the war mongers would be right because they’d have already dug deeper and found that there was a great deal of oppression in the country in question. …and the problem is these same war mongers and their political party are the actual problem here in our country.

Kudos to the kids of Denver, Colorado for taking a stand on the type of education they receive, and for not allowing political action groups dictate what they are taught and not taught.

Hopefully, they get rewarded for fighting the good fight.

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