By now, we’ve all heard about how Hillary (as Secretary Clinton) had her own email server and was sending emails from her own private account while she was at the State Department. While this is a questionable practice when you consider the need for transparency, I am not really sure this is new news nor is it as significant as its being made out to be, nor is it the only major aspect of this story.

Why has this just now become an issue?

Over and over and over again, for the span of what has resulted in years, Darryl Issa called multiple investigations about Benghazi, probably to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars. Investigation hearings, if I’m not mistaken, were still happening after the report came out (You can find the many links to the report and stories here). Never, during all that time, did Mrs. Clinton’s private email server become as pervasive a story as it is right now on every national media channel. If it was as significant an issue as it is being made out to be now, I am 99% sure that Darryl Issa would have done everything in his power to make it a major point in every single one of his investigation hearings…and he didn’t, which means…it wasn’t. And if we are being honest with each other, according to the leading Dem on that Benghazi committee, its been public for several years that she used her personal email account while at the State Department. And yet, people are acting like this is a major revelation.

According to this report from The Hill Rep. Trey Gowdy said the investigating panel in the House knew about the email server last summer. I suspect, the Senate knew about it earlier than late last summer since Mr. Issa was holding investigation after investigation since the Benghazi attack first happened.

Its no real secret that Mrs. Clinton is probably the forerunner for the next President. If we find out this is not a violation of the Federal Records Act (as Rep. Jason Chafffetz (R-Utah), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee might like it to be), I would like to know who “leaked” the email server story in such a way that made it a significant part of the news cycle when actually it was really old news; and why did this come out right before the 2nd quarter of the year before presidential elections, i.e., right before people announce their official candidacies?

It seems to me, in my uneducated poli-sci mind that this is a political tactic by the GOP to either shame clinton into not running; OR by the Clintons to get everything out there and control the news cycle of the possible problems so there’s no surprises while on the campaign trail.

Why isn’t the ‘Jeb Bush used his own personal email server’ being looked at as intensely in the national news? Probably because no one believes he can win. However, if this is a Clinton leak to the New York Times, then I would say, putting it out there now is exactly the right play to be able to deflect any significance because she will be able to bring up Jeb Bush doing the same thing when he was governor and the president’s brother.

Now, according to this article by the Washington Post, no one yet knows if Clinton received legal opinion from the agency before using her private email system. This is a truly significant piece of information the State Department hasn’t answered and should. The article also states the use of a private email system was “unusual”. It wasn’t. My understanding is John Kerry is the first Secretary of State to not use his own email server. Again, another significant piece of information in this whole reporting. (For the record, I think I read it in one of The Hill articles).

The saddest part of the whole thing is we, the people, don’t really know what to believe. Its almost too obvious this is all over the news and being discussed so intensely because she’s about to announce candidacy – either the GOP is hoping to hurt her or the Clinton operation is gauging (and controlling) the fallout. I wish I could give a damn about it, but I feel like even though I know there are questions about transparency, this whole thing is a bogus stunt by either of those two groups. Hopefully, we, the people, will have the ability to look at the emails and decide for ourselves if this whole thing is as untoward as its being made out to be by the GOP leaders of the various committees and the various news outlets. Maybe it is, but unless the emails are made public (as Clinton and the Democratic members of the House Benghazi panel have requested), then this whole thing is an incredible waste of taxpayer money, time and effort because even if this is a Clinton controlled leak, there will be an incredible amount of taxpayer resources spent by the controlling Congress to prove she’s unfit to be President…