So, this week brought us the Torture Report. I’m not going to link to too much, but below are two articles.

I’m having a difficult time with the whole thing, because first off, everyone’s response should be “NO Shit” and instead its one of abject mortification. Seriously, like people didn’t know either that it was happening and that it didn’t work…seriously?!

Secondly, I hate when people say things like “this is not who we are”…well, here’s a news flash, this is who we are – we did it, and we did it for a very long time. And let’s not fool ourselves, prior to the torturing we did ourselves, we let others do it for us. So, yes, this is who we are…like it or not. I think its more accurate to say, “this is not who we want to be”. At which my response is probably going to be than don’t go back to turning a blind eye to other governments torture… because that’s what we did and continue to do. Up until we started doing our own torture, we were a nation of people who didn’t mind the dirty shit being done in the back room as long as we didn’t have to be there and get our own hands dirty. Again, this IS who we are.

I think the conversations are wrong. I think we have to have a discussion about morals, and values, and justice, knowing they are not mutually inclusive or mutually exclusive; and how those three ideals play into our law making and how we carry out justice and what we are and are not going to aspire to be as a nation.

We should probably start with definitions of morals, moral judgment, values, value systems, justice and ethics. We should start by teaching these ideals at a young age and continuing through adulthood; and the education should be done by people who do not confuse philosophy with theology.

But I’m just someone sitting behind my computer, spewing the things that come to mind. What do I know?

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