I have read a lot about how animals are helping vets and other sufferers of PTSD cope. There are a few programs with horses that help kids with PTSD cope, as well.

I think this is a great article – hats off to the administrators and staff of the Veterans Advancing Lives of Rescues (VALOR) in Chicago!

Read the Article: Troubled veterans feel at peace working with rescue dogs

Elmore and Vienna, along with four other veterans and 14 other dogs, are part of the pilot program for Veterans Advancing Lives Of Rescues (VALOR), a combined effort by Safe Humane Chicago, the mental health agency Thresholds and Chicago’s Commission on Animal Care and Control.

Safe Humane Chicago, a nonprofit that seeks to create safer communities through education and stronger human-animal relationships, provided animals from its court case dogs program — abused or neglected dogs that were confiscated or saved by law enforcement personnel.

Thresholds, which provides health services, guidance, education and support for people struggling with various degrees of mental illness, recruited former service members and provided caseworkers.

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