While Jon Stewart reemed Eric Bolling for his faux outrage, and TPM published an Open Letter to Mr. Bolling and Mr. Gutfeld from the men and women of the Truman Project, let me remind everyone that Andrea Tantaros also played her part in showing total disrespect of the women in the military. Besides the ridiculously shallow apology from Bolling in the first video, you can hear Ms. Tantaros’ comments in the second video. Her comment, “what kind of salute would you salute her with Greg? Would you give her a firm salute-” was not cute or witty or whatever else she thought she were trying to be by saying that; rather, it was completely disrespectful to every woman who has ever served in the military. Frankly, its these kind of asinine, immature comments that women in the military hear all the time from the ‘good old boys network’ in the military. This type of subtle harassment has caused a great many woman-veterans long-standing trauma that affects everything about their lives – its a thing, look it up – MST (military sexual trauma).

Ms. Tantaro should be ashamed of herself for laughing at and participating in the harassment and sexism being doled out by her two co-hosts rather than taking a stand for all women who deal with that sort of misogynistic behavior in the workplace – be it the military or on set at Fox. As a public persona, though, she should also be ashamed of herself for not taking a stand against this behavior. A woman in her position has a power that a great many other woman don’t have. She has the ability to make a public stand on camera against this sort of behavior. With great power comes great responsibility…and she blew it. At least the other female co-host, Kimberly Guilfoyle, kept asking “why do you have to ruin my thing?” It surely wasn’t enough, but at least it was something.

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