There are several things wrong with this.

First and foremost is the objectification of women – something many present military women and women veterans are trying to figure out how to deal with on a psychological level – its a thing: MST (Military Sexual Trauma – includes harassment, assault, rape). I get what the lady with the calendar is trying to do, but frankly, its insulting to those of us female veterans who are actually dealing with issues related to the treatment of women in the military.

Second, one of the women’s husband said “get over it” when she voiced concern about posing for the calendar…really?! Get over it? Way to be sensitive of her concern about posing for a calendar that men all over the military might be jerking off to.

Third, where’s the calendar for the wounded warrior women? …just wondering.

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Navy veteran Jennifer Marshall, deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, served five years stationed on Naval Outlying Field San Nicolas Island and on the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. Seeing Marshall’s calendar potential, Elise recruited her for the stunning, cake model in turquoise photographed in a California bakery.

“From the time I met Gina I’ve always been supportive of her and her mission, but I was still nervous about posing,” said Marshall, a North Hollywood, Calif., resident. “Once she told me the calendar would be all veterans, I felt I should get on board — but I still wanted to talk to my husband. He who reminded me that all the money goes to support the troops and veteran. His advice: ‘Get over it.’”

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