After War Casualties

by Rachel Baker on November 3, 2014

Veterans Day is next week. For some, the day is a welcome break from school or work without much thought to what the holiday actually is. Veterans Day is an official US holiday that honors people who have served in the US Armed forces, according to Wikipedia. Here’s the most important part – Veterans Day celebrates the service of all military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day for remembering the men and women who DIED while serving.

In honor of Veterans Day, there is a four part special report at Stars and Stripes that is about the Casualties of the After-War. For the most part, this special report is about Issac Sims, an Army Sgt., who left the military and the war with a mild traumatic brain injury, and was suffering from PTSD. He ended up being shot to death by Kansas City police.

While Memorial Day is the day we remember those that died while serving in the military, its important we don’t forget those who fell as veterans – those who completed their service and tried to make it on the outside – those that left the war, but couldn’t shake the feeling of still being there.

This is a story of a man who suffered PTSD, drove through streets thinking he was avoiding mines, assaulted his estranged wife, and his father, and very well could have thought he was under attack by the insurgents when he pointed a gun at the police who were there to take him to the hospital or the VA. This is the story of a man we should remember on Veterans Day.

Not all the parts of this series have been published yet, but if you are interested, keep checking the link and you will find it updated.

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