Copycat Orange Julius Recipe

by Rachel Baker on May 4, 2014

My dad was a Veteran, and every few months, we’d drive to the VA hospital with him for his regular appointments. He was self-employed, so we’d just make a day trip family outing. The VA hospital truly sucked for kids, but my mom always made the best of it for us.

Then when the long day of appointments were over, we’d head over to the local mall for lunch or dinner at Picadilly’s, or we’d go to the local Red Lobster. Sometimes though, even if lunch or dinner was not on the agenda, the mall was the stop…it was the only place in a 100 mile radius that we could get Orange Julius. And my dad LOVED an Orange Julius – so much so, that I remember how crushed he was when the franchise closed in the mall.

If my dad were still alive, I’d have called him this morning to tell him I was coming over to make him something…and then I’d have made him the below recipe.

I grew up with Orange Julius. It was a rare and special treat being that there were five of us kids and they weren’t cheap. I can still remember how incredibly refreshing and sweet this drink was. Crave-worthy for sure.

Imagine my utter delight and surprise when Chris’s dad shared his recipe for Orange Julius with me years ago. His recipe actually came from his mother and was passed down to him.

Sure, I had a few moments of jealousy when I realized that Chris was able to have an Orange Julius any time he wanted when he was growing up. And then of course total shock when I saw how EASY this recipe is.

I mean, I always have these ingredients around. Soooo awesome!

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