A bi-partisan bill has been introduced that would establish standards for caring for women at VA facilities, ensure availability of and to full-time OB/GYNs at EVERY VA medical center; as well as implement a pilot program for OB-GYN graduation medical education program at the VA that would increase the quality o and access to care for women veterans.

The bill is Senate Bill 471, the Women Veteran Access to Quality Care Act of 2015.

I love the article below because Cedric Nicholson does a very good job of letting his readership know what the challenges are and what this bill is about.

Here’s the Article: Cedric Nicholson: Have women become forgotten veterans of military service?

It is the time for women veterans to be recognized for their service to their country and to be treated as equals to their male counterparts. As it is carved on the Women in Military Service for America Memorial ceiling, “Let the generations know that women in uniform also guaranteed their freedom. That our resolve was just as great as the brave men who stood among us. … That the tears fell just as hard for those we left behind us.”

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