This would be great news for so many veterans who are finding the Choice Card isn’t really a choice.

I have been reading a lot about the options for alternative pain therapies, like yoga, accupuncture, etc.; and how the VA is starting to implement these into treatments rather than prescribing narcotics. What would be really awesome is if the powers that be would authorize alternative therapies to the mix of eligible places we could go. Where I live, 75 miles from here, I can go to a free yoga class with other veterans, but one of my challenges is long car rides…so, a 75 mile car ride to learn how to relax and center seems a bit counter-productive.

Here’s the Article: Isakson vows to ease 40-mile limit on VA ‘Choice Card’

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), new chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, promises to push for two critical changes to soften a restrictive 40-mile rule on user eligibility under the VA Choice Card program.

If Isakson succeeds, thousands more veterans would gain routine access to government-paid healthcare in the private sector. His challenge is that the changes sought could drive up health care costs for the Department of Veterans Affairs by billions of dollars annually.

Isakson said he believes Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, also will support softening the 40-mile rule. Miller indicated as much, but suggested it could be paid for using the same $10 billion Congress approved last year to expand private sector care to veterans, thwarting VA plans to divert some of that to other priorities.

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