Military Vet Opens 3D Printing Store in Washington Heights

by Rachel Baker on February 4, 2014

I do not understand 3D printing at all. But, I watch Star Trek, and I do crafts, and I’m a veteran…so, this is just cool enough to post. Check it out!

Military veteran Jerry Castanos—who spent eight years in Afghanistan and eleven years, total, overseas—recently opened a 3D printing store in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan, where he grew up. The store, aptly named 3D Heights, is located on Broadway between 172nd and 173rd Streets, and is run by military veterans and local community members.

Mr. Castanos started reading about 3D printing on his computer one night, and said it totally appealed to his “geek mode.”

“It’s like in Star Trek, [where] they have a replicator,” he told Betabeat, adding, more seriously, “Looking at the market research and studying the industry, there’s a huge need for it economically, physically.”

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