Wounded US vets return to Afghanistan to confront demons

by Rachel Baker on June 1, 2014

Making a journey to see where it all happened, must be an incredibly difficult process that none of us can really understand.

Confronting demons is an incredibly courageous thing, it might just transend to a new level of courage when you begin talking about wounded vets returning to the places of traumatic battles.

Seven years ago, Jose Navarro’s platoon was ambushed and nearly overrun by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

The troops found themselves pinned down, desperately calling for air strikes. Bullets ripped through Navarro’s stomach, and medics at one point thought he was dead.

But this week, after dozens of surgeries, Navarro returned to Afghanistan in an army uniform, flying in a military helicopter with another soldier wounded in the same attack.

“I wanted to walk out of here on my two feet. Last time I was here I got shot in my stomach and got an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) through my leg,” he told AFP.

Washington is winding down its 32,000 troop deployment in Afghanistan after nearly 13 years of war, with President Barack Obama announcing this week that all US forces will leave by the end of 2016.

While an end is now in sight for America’s longest war, many of the more than 19,000 Americans wounded in Afghanistan will be coping with injuries for years to come.

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Wounded US vets return to Afghanistan to confront demons

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